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The pace and complexity of business in today’s global economy is unprecedented, and public company performance is under increasing scrutiny from shareholders and regulators. Boards must be involved in the strategic direction of a company, managing issues of governance, compliance, and CEO succession planning. Public sector and not-for-profit Boards are equally required to apply scrupulous governance practices to the responsible management of public resources.

Evaluation and Identification

As boards plan for their own succession, nomination committees must find a balance of skills when recruiting new directors. Through our extensive network of established and emerging executives, Alexander Whitehead can assist boards in recruiting independent directors capable of guiding organizations through their next phase of growth.

Compensation Consultation and Succession Planning

We work with boards and senior leadership to ensure that executive and senior management compensation aligns with company strategy and market conditions. We advise our clients on future human capital needs of the organization and we devise strategies to ensure effective talent identification practices are in place to ensure the successful transition of talent.


In an increasingly competitive market for executive talent, securing an effective executive leadership team is the most important decision a company will make. Traditional requirements of business acumen, strong leadership, and the ability to achieve bottom line results are now coupled with the need to align vision with strategy, enterprise risk with growth, and ethics with corporate social responsibility.

Consultation and Presentation

We offer our clients guidance and oversight during their leadership transitions, implementing executive search assignments across a range of functions. We identify and recruit candidates who understand and practice effective communication, cultural sensitivity, and stakeholder engagement in an ever-changing business environment.

Labour Market Impact Assessment Assistance

For our Canadian clients hiring an international candidate, we offer advice and guidance through the Labour Market Impact Assessment process to ensure timely compliance with Government of Canada requirements.


Succession planning is an established priority in progressive companies across the globe. As companies contend with the retirement of senior executives, attracting and mentoring emerging talent is a critical component of their strategic plan.

Search and Selection

Hiring senior managers who possess the potential for executive advancement is the primary focus of our senior management search practice. We provide insight and advice to clients when selecting candidates with the capacity and leadership traits to grow into executive positions.


In addition to careful screening and thorough behavior-based interviews, we include personality and leadership testing as an important step in our comprehensive search evaluation. Candidates complete these assessments during the final stage of the selection process and clients receive a detailed report summarizing candidate traits, competencies, and tendencies. We have partnered with industry leading service providers RHR International and Stefan, Fraser & Associates for our C-suite and senior search assignments, and we tailor each testing assessment to be consistent with the client’s defined search criteria. To help augment our own assessment, extensive psychometric testing is completed to help ensure that the finalist candidate meets the longer term needs of the organization.