Our Methodology

Clients & Process     Candidate Experience


We partner with select, reputable companies whose ideals are aligned with our values. Our clients are known for their strong leadership, inspiring corporate cultures, and commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Our collaborative partnership begins with an in-depth consultation to establish the criteria for a successful search. We meet with internal stakeholders to thoroughly understand the scope of operations, the culture of the company, and the core requirements and leadership attributes of the role. We prepare a comprehensive position description for client approval and then enter the market to actively promote the company and opportunity to potential candidates.

Throughout our search process, we prepare weekly progress reports to ensure that the candidates identified are consistent with the defined search criteria. Candidates are screened and undergo a thorough interview process. An active short list is then generated and client interviews are scheduled. Once the lead candidate is identified and all leadership assessments are completed, references and background verification checks are then delivered to the client.

We work with our clients to develop the formal offer and navigate negotiations with the preferred candidate, leading to the successful conclusion of the search and presentation of the signed employment contract.

Our client experience does not end here: prior to the official start date, we will assist in preparing a comprehensive onboarding strategy for the candidate and will guide both parties through this process. We then meet with both the client and successful candidate to collect feedback on our services, thus ensuring that we are continuously improving our processes.


As a retained search firm, we work on behalf of our clients to research, identify, and present the best candidates in the market. Our candidate selection criteria are directed by each client’s needs and are outlined in the comprehensive Position Specification we prepare for each assignment.

When a candidate is engaged in the search process, he or she will be guided throughout each stage of our interviewing and assessment process in a manner consistent with our privacy policy. We provide our candidates constructive feedback about their suitability for a position and their status throughout the search process.

We expect candidates to provide accurate and professional resumes. At the client’s request, candidates will participate in psychometric testing and provide current references. Candidates are expected to provide verification of academic credentials and professional designations, and these credentials are verified by an independent firm in the final phase of the search process.

Candidates may also be subject to international background screening, including criminal and credit checks.