Industry Expertise

Forestry is one of Canada’s most important industries, and Canada’s forest products are found in homes and businesses across North America, Asia, and Europe. Forestry sustains over 175,000 jobs in 600 large and small communities across the country. Over $34 billion in economic activity and two percent of Canada’s gross domestic product come from forestry.

Our clients include private and publicly held forest products manufacturers operating in remote communities across Canada and across the Pacific Northwest of the United States, as well as industry organizations working to develop the forestry industry at home and abroad. We specialize in identifying the next generation of forestry professionals for remote, site-based operational and finance roles and corporate executive leadership positions.


The metals and mining sector is a cornerstone of global industry, encompassing a wide array of activities related to the exploration, extraction, processing, and utilization of various metals and minerals. It plays a critical role in supplying raw materials essential for numerous sectors, including construction, manufacturing, technology, and energy production.

Mining is one of Canada’s most important economic sectors and is a major contributor to Canada’s gross domestic product. Canada is home to some of the industry’s leading global producers and most successful exploration companies, with 75 percent of the world’s mining companies headquartered in the country. Canada is positioning itself as a leader in critical minerals development, with a strong focus on clean energy, sustainable mining, and positive ESG outcomes that will benefit all stakeholders involved including corporations, local communities, shareholders, and Canadians at-large.

Our diverse clients range from early-stage private companies and private equity firms, to mid-tier to large publicly-traded enterprises operating across the globe. Alexander Whitehead identifies, evaluates, and presents candidates for senior management, executive, and governance positions ranging from site-based operational and technical roles to corporate head office C-suite and Board Directors. With a deep mining network in Vancouver, Toronto, London, Denver, and other global mining hubs, Alexander Whitehead is well-positioned to identify tenured and next generation talent across the global industry.

Industrial Manufacturing and Renewable Energy
Manufacturing is a critical sector for Canada and accounts for over ten percent of the annual GDP of the country. Canada is also becoming a global leader in utilizing and developing renewable energy sources, with renewable energy generation accounting for over 60 percent of the country’s total energy generation.

We support clients across a wide range of manufacturing sectors including shipbuilders, industrial technologists, process industry equipment manufacturers, renewable energy generation, and many other diverse manufacturing companies that operate within Canada for the Canadian, United States, and global markets. We assist clients with identifying and selecting top candidates for site-based and executive roles across technical, operational, and executive functions.

Public Sector
The public sector contributes to the social, economic, and cultural health of communities across western Canada, and our objective is to serve these organizations by identifying established and emerging executives capable of leading public sector enterprises into the next phase of growth and advancement.

Our clients include federal and provincial agencies, boards, and commissions; municipal governments; not-for-profit industry associations; cultural and educational institutions; health and social services organizations; and mission-driven charities.